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S2L provides a real view of your reps’ efforts to reach your leads, and lets you see the actual call attempts made and the connection rates.  You’ll rest easy knowing your valuable leads are getting the attention they deserve.

And only 27% of online leads are ever contacted.  Speak2Leads converts your leads to incoming calls. Didn’t connect?  Don't worry.  S2L tracks your attempts and prompts you to try again. 

Be that first company.  Connect, convert and bury your competition. 

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100% visibility into the effort made against every lead
78% of customers buy from the first company to respond
80% of all leads receive too few calls
Speed to contact is the number one driver of conversion

Instead of tapping your call notes into your phone or writing them on the back of an envelope for future transcription into your CRM or spreadsheet, all you need to do is talk and let S2L’s transcription engine covert your speech to text and then post it wherever you want. It’s a good time to be alive!

When you don’t reach your lead on the 1st attempt, sending a text message can boost your connection chances. With S2L, you can set it and forget it. We’ll only send a text if you don’t connect, and when you do connect the texts will automatically stop. 

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